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Premier Data Analytics for High School

Discover in 45-minutes how AlexMath Academy helps students learn tech basics and boosts college applications

The Webinar will Cover:

Why AlexMath?

Small Class-Size

Comprehensive Learning

Experienced Instructors

Skills Learned

SQL - PowerBi

Excel - Math

Agile PM

Program Details

3-week course

30 hours

Courses start in July

Student Benefits


Tech Skills

Interview Ready

Webinar Details:


Virtually on Zoom


Every Wednesday and Thursday at 5:00pm PDT


45 Minutes

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Webinar Host: CEO Dr. Andre Tran

Dr. Tran founded AlexMath Academy of Business and Data to bridge the gap between high school and the demands in the tech and data industry. He brings both his experience in education and corporations to build the program. Dr. Tran was an executive at Microsoft and a 3-time tech startup CEO. Prior to Microsoft, he was in investment banker at JP Morgan and management consultant with Deloitte. He received his PhD in Information Sciences from Sorbonne in Paris, and MBA from Harvard.

Reviews: What Parents have to Say

Dr. Jie Hui - AlexMath Parent

Sr. Manager, Digital Innovation Lab @ T-Mobile

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