Albert Academy was created to help provide driven students with the necessary tools to kickstart their career in tech. We are passionate about the next generation and are dedicated to teaching data and business fundamentals to help them reach their goals.

Confident Businesswoman

Our mission: To build up the next generation of tech professionals

Our aim is not only to provide quality training and education, but to give students Ivy-league level extracurriculars to enhance their experience. With our program, students will have the knowledge and ability to pursue high level internship opportunities and be competitive.



Dr. Tran founded Albert Academy of Business and Data to bridge the gap between high school and the demands in tech business. He brings both his experience in both education and corporations to build Albert Academy. Dr. Tran was an executive at Microsoft and a 3-time tech startup CEO. Prior to Microsoft, he was in investment banker at JP Morgan and management counsultant with Deloitte. He received his PhD in Information Sciences from Sorbonne in Paris, and MBA from Harvard