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The course to kickstart your child's career in tech

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Business and Data for High School

Today's business is data driven.

Knowledge in data is now more essential than ever.

In an online course created specifically for driven high school students,

AlexMath Academy of Business and Data helps these individuals acquire the

right skills to set them a part from their peers in a future tech career.


  • Students will learn the essentials of mathematics for data analytics

  • Students will receive hands-on training on the current industry technology platforms

  • Students will learn business essentials to market themselves in the tech industry

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Pre-college Stem Curriculum

AlexMath Academy offers a 3-week program including three modules on: Math, Data, and Business. 

The sessions are 100% online and led by instructors with industry experience, not just a background in academia. At the end of the program, students will demonstrate marketable skills in business and data, in high demand for professional internships.

Ivy League Extracurriculars in Tech

AlexMath Academy helps students get valuable professional internships in tech. Equipped with relevant business and data skills, our graduates are ready to be successfully placed in large corporations and startups. Our industry partners include Microsoft, AWS, T-Mobile, and Google.


About AlexMath Academy


Founder and CEO

Dr. Andre Tran

Dr. Tran founded AlexMath Academy of Business and Data to bridge the gap between high school and the demands in the tech and data industry. He brings both his experience in education and corporations to build the program. Dr. Tran was an executive at Microsoft and a 3-time tech startup CEO. Prior to Microsoft, he was in investment banker at JP Morgan and management consultant with Deloitte. He received his PhD in Information Sciences from Sorbonne in Paris, and MBA from Harvard.

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